Three Rivers Weddings


Stylish & Elegant



The Rosewood Suite merges romantic temptation with elegant, corporate hospitality. The venue is a beautiful large wedding function suite with soft coloured walls and floor to ceiling, arched windows that astound with views of the beautiful grounds, gardens and lawns. Just outside, the suite also benefits from a private access to a secret and special garden, with a giant chessboard. This light-hearted and attractive feature is also a perfect visual opportunity, for both romantic and group photographs.


This wedding function suite is particularly popular with bridal couples who want to express themselves just that little bit more, by adding a special wedding day theme, or especially decorated dining tables and chairs, to complement the wedding colours. As the bridal couple's imagination fills with ideas and creativity for the atmosphere and ambiance, whether infusions from rich vibrant reds, to delicate pearly pink shades, the suite's naturally coloured and soft background hues comfortably accommodate all ideas and dreams the bridal couple may have.


Soft flowing fabrics and brightly coloured bows, ribbons and sashes with symphonies of colour bursting from the carefully, co-ordinated flower arrangements – the Rosewood Suite is the perfect wedding function venue. With an elegant, wood panelled ceiling with strategically placed mood lighting, the atmosphere is carefully balanced as a bright and airy wedding afternoon, develops into a lively and exciting, evening entertainment venue.